General PHP information

PHP Version: This is available on the left hand side of cPanel. We usually try and run the latest stable version.

Server API: Our servers currently run PHP through suPHP, which makes the server api "CGI".

Settings: Visit "PHP Configuration" in cPanel. These are for reference only.

If you would like to overwrite any settings you can do so with a few different methods.

The first is to use a php.ini file and place it in the directory where you want to overwrite the settings. php.ini files are not recursive (meaning they only change the setting in the directory the file is in) so they are not ideal for most users.

The best way to overwrite settings is to use ini_set within your PHP, usually in a common file. More information is available here.

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Home path, perl path and sendmail paths are available on the left hand side of cPanel under stats.