Can't send email

If you're not able to send mail there's likely no single answer we can give, you will need to troubleshoot your issue. If you have gone through these solutions and are still having issues, please submit a trouble ticket.

Most of these are covered client to client in our email setup articles, if you're unsure of how to change any of the settings below, use our setup articles.

1. Outgoing mail port

The most common issue with not being able to send mail is that ISP's often block the default SMTP port. The default is 25. We run an alternate smtp server on port 587, and SSL encrypted connection on port 465. Go into your advanced settings and change your SMTP server from port 25 to 587 or 465.

2. Authentication is not turned on

Our server requires authentication, use the same username and password as your incoming email. This is usually not enabled by default.

3. Are you recieving an error?

If you are recieving an error in your email client, try searching google for the error and the client name. Example: "Error 0x000FFF00 outlook express". There are many client specific errors which can effect being able to send mail such as corrupt folders.

4. Are you running an anti-virus program or a firewall?

If you are, try disabling it/them. This is a fairly common problem, especially if you are running SMTP on the alternate port. If you disable them and your email starts to work, you will need to trouble shoot your firewall or anti-virus program so it allows the connection.

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