Check spam logs

Accompanying our spam protection is a series of logs which our users can use to determine if emails have been blocked and for what reason. Upon first glance at our logs they may appear to be very complicated but if you know what to look for and can block out all the technical messages that you don't need, they can be very useful.

1. You will need to login to cPanel, then click on Spam ASSP

2. Once you are in Spam ASSP, you will notice there are actually quite a number of log buttons, including a raw log. You should not need to access the raw log, it is for advanced users only. Most of your spam filtering is going to be done through spam scoring, so we will use it as an example.

3. Click on log. There may be many log buttons, each subdomain, add-on domain and parked domain would have its own log.

4. Once you are in the log area it will look something like this.

5. The two useful columns in these logs are from email and to email, using these functions you can whitelist the sender, or you can view that particular email in your spambox (if enabled)

6. If you're curious as to how we have achieved a score for a spammer, you can check your raw logs.

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