Introduction to our spam protection

We realize that Spam Protection is one of the most important features to our customers. Because of this we've put in a lot of time and effort into making an easy to use but efficient system.

Our Spam Protection is fairly aggressive, however whenever you email someone it is automatically adds them to your whitelist. Our system learns as it goes which makes it harder for spammers to get around. If you get an email that is actually a piece of spam you simply report it and the system learns that it is a new type of spam. We also have SpamBox's (optional) available so you can ensure you never lose any false positives (a real email marked as spam), which are very rare in our system.

Within the first few weeks of use it is possible that you will see more spam emails than usual as your personal spam database learns based on what you receive.

For more information and details you can visit "Spam ASSP" in Control Panel (cPanel).

Spam Scoring: This is our main method of spam protection. It combines at least 8 methods of filtering to create a score for each email you recieve. Logs are also available in cPanel so you can see what emails are scored for which reasons, you can also report spam in this area.

Delaying Filter: This is a fairly new and powerful method of blocking spam. It is covered more in depth here.

No Local Address Filter: The easiest and most effective way spammers can hit you is with a dictionary attack, they try a large number of possibilities at your domain name until they hit a legitimate address. No Local Address Filter disables the use of default addresses which leave this security hole open. This is covered more in depth here. We strongly recommend leaving this enabled, you leave yourself open to very bad attacks by disabling this.

Virus Protection: Our virus protection is updated once an hour and protects users on all operating systems from viruses through email. We highly recommend running virus protection on your local computer as well, especially if you are running Microsoft Windows.

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